Shine and Empower

Everyone has purpose. 
Every person on the planet is valuable. 
Every individual needs rescuing--to be rescued from something.

How one is helped,


and even if ...

depends on many factors. 

One of those factors is the willingness of others,
whoever they may be, to care.

Care enough to help.

We care and we want to help. 

We offer a valuable component and want to part of your rescue.

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Teach, Train, and Enable

Our mandate was birthed and continues to grow in our desire to serve God and then serve others. He is Morning Star and we are His company, incorporated and working together.

Morning Star And Company, Inc.

We are a multifaceted ministry with a global destiny to share the love of God throughout the world through the arts and creative expression. We help by loving people, setting the bound free, and enjoying the process of change.  

Our various ministries train, teach, and enable individuals and organizations to fulfill their own God-given destinies through their creative talents and callings.

We invite you to explore our web site and service areas to see how our programs can benefit you and assist on your journey.

And then, we invite you to "pay it forward" (help others with what you have learned and gained). 

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