GIVE and become part of something bigger than yourself

Rescuing people in need, helping them find their way so they can reach their destiny is not delegated to just one person, rather the Lord commissioned all believers to go and make disciples. There are many ways to fulfill the Great Commission. By attending our workshop and training events, or participating in our mentoring and coaching programs, you will be better equipped to reach those in need and enrich your own life in the process. In doing so, you become one of those who go.

On the other hand, at this point in your life you may not be able to go, but you want to be part of what God is doing through giving. You may always give of yourself in fervent prayer for those in need, for those going, for the leadership and trainers, and for the many programs and services we provide.

However, you may also give through financial support. All that we have belongs to the Lord. We are stewards of the resources He has given to us. By giving financially, you become one of those who send.

How you can help
There are many ways that individuals and organizations can contribute to Morning Star And Company, Inc. You can learn more about all of those options right here. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you may participate by giving monthly or one-time gifts to the capital fund or special projects and programs. Donations are accepted through various methods: by on-line giving, credit cards, checks, and directly deposited electronic fund transfers. You may also want to consider gifts of stock transfers or the inclusion of Morning Star And Company, Inc. within your will.

For donations through PayPal click on the Donate button.

After you submit this page, you will be redirected to PayPal's site in order to enter payment information. Oncer you review your donation amount, you will be able to designate where you want to apply your donation.

If you prefer to send your contribution, you may do so at the following address:

Morning Star And Company, Inc.
Post Office Box 24405
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

Thank you for your giving!

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